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Accommodating every customer’s CBD needs with our high-quality products, affordable prices, and a vast selection of products.

Located in Suwanee, GA, 7Leaf has proudly served our customers a wide array of CBD & vape products to accommodate all of a smoker’s needs. We offer quality, premium smoking accessories such as e-cigarettes, vaporizers, glass pieces, cartridges, and much more. Our products come in a wide range of exciting flavors and devices to try. We are committed to making the process of purchasing just as fun and easy as smoking. Our friendly in-store staff is always ready to help you, recommend new products, and answer any questions. They are happy to share their knowledge of the vape culture and help you find what you are looking for. For all levels of expertise to the vape culture, whether you are looking for high-quality products, affordable prices, a vast selection of products, or knowledgeable staff, here at 7Leaf, we have it all.

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CBD is a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant. It’s a popular natural remedy with versatile uses for various medical ailments because it doesn’t cause pharmaceutical drug-related side effects.

Anexiety and Stress

CBD oil has pharmaceutical effects that can help manage anxiety disorders by reducing stress. In addition to helping with anxiety, CBD oil can help with controlling disorders such as PTSD and schizophrenia.

Migraine & Chronic Pain

CBD oil can be a natural alternative to traditional pain medication. Studies have shown that CBD oil can help with pain management, such as joint pain.

Safe & Effective

CBD oil has very few side effects when taken correctly compared to traditional medicine. It is a popular natural, alternative remedy for multiple medical issues such as epilepsy, pain, anxiety, certain cancer-related symptoms, and neurological disorders.

Best Selling Products

Offering over thousands+ of premium Award-Wining CBD Products


CBD Vape Cartridges

Pain Relief

Arctic Freeze Cooling Roll-On


CBN + Melatonin Gummy 3 Day Sleep Kit
CBN Capsules 3 Day Sleep Kit
CBN Oil 3 Day Sleep Kit
CBN Sleep Tincture
3:1 Full Spectrum CBD & CBN Tincture
Delta 8 Tincture with CBN & CBD
Delta 8 Gummies with CBN
Extra Strength CBN Gummies
CBN Gummy with Melatonin
Just CBD Gummies for Sleep


Geek Bar 1500 Puffs
Air Bar 500 puffs
Air Bar Lux 1000 puffs
Air Bar Max 2000 puffs
Cali MAXX 1600 Puffs
Pod Twist 2500 Puffs
EscoBar 2500 Puffs
Gummy 2800 Puffs
Fume 1500/2500 Puffs
Pod Mesh 3500 Puffs
Hyde Retro 4000 Puffs
Space Max Sub Ohm 4000 Puffs
Aokit Zozo Bar 4500 Puffs
Pod 5500 Puffs
Rare Mega 5000 Puffs
Kangvape ONEE Max 5000 Puffs

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